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2017 Service Price List 
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Indoor Storage:
All boats                $3.25 Sq. Ft
Outdoor Storage:
Up to 29 Ft:           $10.00 Per Ft
29.1 Ft & Above:  $13.00 Per Ft
Sailboats: *            $13.00 Per Ft
* Note: Fall haul-out & Spring launch included

Engine $85.00 Each (Plus $25.00 Materials)
Toilet                    $30.00 Each (Plus $12.00 Materials)
Generator             $45.00 Each (Plus $12.00 Materials)
Air Conditioner    $30.00 Each (Plus $12.00 Materials)
Water System      $45.00 Each (Plus $15.00 Materials)
Hot Water Tank    $25.00 Each (Materials included)
Spring re-commissioning
Per Boat $90.00 per boat
Wash & Wax Contact us for a quote
Bottom Washing $0.15 Sq. Ft
Haul Out  
Power Boats (includes Blocking) $5.50 Per Ft.
Power Boats (Lift Only)  $3.50 Per Ft
Sailboats  $4.00 Per Ft.
Mast Hoist Use (each way)
Full Service $125.00
Owner Assisted $75.00
Bottom Painting & Sanding
29 Ft. & Below $6.00 Linear Foot*
30 Ft. & Above $7.00 Linear Foot*
* Bottom paint Extra  (First time painting requires extra sanding - call for quote)
Mechanic Labour Rate   $90.00 per Hour
Note: Prices are subject to applicable taxes